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Nikki and her husband Ethan have created Prima the Ballerina! The book is a children’s story and also a teachers guide with fun, dance inspiring games and activities. The CD includes instructions for adults on how to extend each animals dance into 3 or 4 different pre-ballet exercises and puts them to music specifically created for Prima by amazing pianist, Lucy Hudson.

Check back soon for our new book, Bruno the Ballerino. We are going to celebrate the masculine aspects of ballet, it’s not just for girls!

“Amazing Book!!! My 2 year old daughter loves to put on her tutu and request this book. It is one of our bedtime favorites.”

Nickolas Kramer

“Prima reminded us all WHY we dance and how much FUN it is! Not only did the girls love it, my 21 hip-hop boys were thoroughly entertained by the book, there’s something for everyone!”

Chaunette MarshBridgeMill Dance

“Prima is very graceful and I love to have fun with her. And I love to dance with Miss Nikki. I love Prima and Miss Nikki. Air Kiss!”

Evey SatherAge 4

“Prima is not only a colorful book that is fun to see and read, it’s filled with activities easily organized and directed by teachers. These activities promote physical balance, flexibility, and concentration. Complete with music CD, this book would be a great addition to any teacher’s library.”

Richard TreriseSchool Administrator

“Nikki and Ethan White’s book, Prima The Ballerina In Her Backyard, has created a relationship between ballet and the natural world that is both innovative and highly effective. It grabs the child’s imagination, encourages dance, and also spurs an important and timely interest in nature. It’s clever, cute, interesting, and a good read!”

Susan LittleEditor
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